Robert E. Hardy, Ed.D., L.P.


Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors.



Dr. Bob Hardy

Dr. Hardy is a Licensed Minnesota Psychologist who received his doctorate's degree in counseling in 1971 from Western Michigan University, where he was a Mott Foundation Scholar. In 1991, he co-authored Self-Defeating Behaviors (Harper/Collins). The book, now in its 23rd printing, is considered the original theory base on why/how people repeat counter-productive behaviors. Also, the book was published in French (St-Jean-de-Braye, 1994).

In 1996 he co-authored The Self-Defeating Organization(Addison/Wesley). This publication applied the model of eliminating self-defeating behaviors to teams, groups, and organizations. Currently, his new book developing the theory to eliminate SDBs from a therapy model to an educational model is with the Lazear Agency. The agency also is handling a screenplay based on Dr. Hardy's experiences as he worked to crack the code on eliminating self-defeating behaviors.

Career Focus

Dr. Hardy has an unusual career path. As he was working on developing the theory to eliminate SDBs, he started to wonder how the model applied across the behavioral continuum — from very severe SDBs to mild SDBs. To understand this phenomenon, he decided to take the Journey across the Continuum. He started on the severe side, and worked in medium- and maximum-security correctional settings. He also worked with combat veterans, prostitutes, and in various inpatient and outpatient programs. As he moved towards the middle, he worked in private practice with individual and group counseling, marriage counseling, adolescents, families, and variousgarden variety SDBs. For the past number of years, he has been working on the mild side of the behavioral continuum with organizations, executives, high performing individuals, and professional athletics. He has presented seminars, designed online training, and written extensively.

One of Dr. Hardy's own SDBs became a marketing nightmare when Self-Defeating Behaviorswas published. Following publication, he was asked to present to a wide range of audiences. His weight, at that time, was over 280 pounds. Lecturing on SDBs, and weighing that much, was not good. The reaction of a certain percentage of the audience was, Is this guy a Psychologist, or a Comedian! At that time a quiet voice in his head kept repeating the same message: Hey, Fat Boy! You have been developing the theory to eliminate SDBs. How about applying the material to yourself? Finally, he did! Currently, his weight is 185 pounds, and he has maintained that weight loss for a number of year



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