Superior ideas to increase performance.

Bob Gainey, General Manager
Montreal Canadians


For a number of years, we have been using Dr. Hardy for training and executive consulting. His models/theories have been very well received, and his individual consulting is superior.

Denise Rutherford, Ph.D.
Managing Director
3M Belgium


Dr. Hardy is one of the most original thinkers, I have ever met. He is widely respected, and is considered a leader in the field of behavioral change.

Dr. Fred Clary
Weight Lifting—World Record Holder
Director, Advanced Injury Rehabilitation, LTD


The most detailed examination of self-defeating behavior I have ever read. Contains some very useful methods of defeating self-defeatism.

Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Author of A New Guide to Rational Living


For a number of years, Dr. Bob Hardy has been consulting with our organization on performance issues. He has been using his models to eliminate self-defeating behaviors in training courses and executive coaching.

Based on extremely positive feedback regarding Dr. Hardy's models, we decided to expand his work to our entire organization. Consulting with him, and using his models, we developed online training programs. We developed one for our management staff and one for our support staff.

Our employess, current and new, have been taking these online courses. We are very pleased with the results, and consider this online training course to be one of the best.


Vicki Makela
Director of Training and Education
Hutchinson Technology



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