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Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors




Executive Consulting

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No matter where you live, Bob Hardy can help you to stop self-defeating behaviors. Call him at 612-710-4542 to discuss the possibility of telephone consultation.

Two Parts to Executive Consulting

First: A one-on-one diagnostic interview. This accurate assessment will involve history taking, the types of SDBs under consideration, the frequency and intensity of these behaviors, the trigger patterns involved, how these SDBs impact the individual and others, and a prognosis of possible outcomes.

Second: The most critical section of the entire system is the second part. There is no cookie cutter for human behavior, and the design question is paramount: How do you customize this entire system for one specific individual or group? This question has many answers, but only one that is excellent for each situation. Is the customization one-on-one sessions? Workbooks and Exercises? Meeting frequently, or over time? Telephone consultation? Online training? Seminar design? Working with a group of select people? etc. The design becomes what is the very best customized model for the individual to learn the system, and then apply the learning for a positive behavioral change — for good.

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