Stop SDB workbooks are instructional guides to eliminate specific SDBs. They are based on the original theory book, Self-Defeating Behaviors. The workbooks/courses are self-instructional modules that walk the reader through the process of replacing SDBs with positive, productive, and high-performing behaviors. They are designed with examples, drawing, cartoons, and inter-active exercises.

All of the workbooks are priced at $40.00 per book. Downloads are pdf files and require no handling charges. Paper copies of workbooks are also $40 each, but a shipping & handling charge of $4 will be added to your shipment.

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Lifestyle Series

Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors Workbook

This 96-page workbook is designed for the general population. Common SDBs are targeted, such as Smoking, Anger, Depression, Perfectionism, Worry, etc.

Eliminating Self-Defeating Behaviors Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Beyond Calories and Exercise Workbook

This 95-page workbook focuses on weight issues. This workbook grew out of the author's own struggle with his weight issues. He applied the model to himself, and lost around 100 pounds. Just as important, he has maintained that weight loss for over 7 years (permanent change).

Beyond Calories and Exercise Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Chronic Pain Series

This series was developed from the author's experiences in the field of pain management. Dr. Hardy is board certified in pain management. He has been a Director and Psychologist in various pain centers.

Living a Better Life with Chronic Pain Workbook

A 92-page workbook that addresses the psycho-social-emotional response to chronic pain. This is the psychological part of the Chronic Pain Syndrome. Common SDBs include Medication Issues, Depression and Anger, Negativity, Worry, etc.

Living a Better Life with Chronic Pain Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Living a Better Life with Arthritis Workbook

A 93-page workbook that addresses the psychological response to Arthritis. Common SDBs are Focusing on the appearance of deformed joints, Self-Esteem Issues, Isolation, etc.

Living a Better Life with Arthritis Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Living a Better Life with Fibromyalgia Workbook

A 94-page workbook that focuses on the psychological response to fibromyalgia. Common SDBs are Doctor Shopping, Inactivity, Focusing on Exhaustion, Sadness, etc.

Living a Better Life with Fibromyalgia Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Business Series

Dr. Hardy has worked with DS Performance Group, a management consulting organization, for over 15 years. DS Performance Group been involved in training, consulting, and executive consulting. For many years, 3M was its prime customer.

Management Improvement Workbook

A 54-page workbook that targets such SDBs as Micro-Managing, Over-Committing, Abrasive Behavior, Perfectionism, and Procrastination.

Management Improvement Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Marketing Improvement Workbook

A 54-page workbook that addresses such SDBs as Ivory Tower Approach, Over-Promising, Conflicting Relationships with Sales, etc.

Marketing Improvement Workbook – download (pdf file) – $40

Sell Baby Sell Workbook

A 54-page workbook that targets common sales SDBs such as Cold Call Reluctance, Not Following up on Leads, Asking for too Low of a Sale Price, etc.

Sell Baby Sell Workbook – download (pdf file) – $4O

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